Our Teams

New Zealand Rugby's day-to-day business is carried out by around 80 staff, most of whom are based primarily in offices in Wellington and Auckland but many of whom are out and about around New Zealand.

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) is headed by a CEO, who is supported by an Executive Team and Management Teams. The CEO is ultimately responsible for ensuring that New Zealand Rugby strategy is implemented and that the organisation achieves its objectives. The CEO works closely with the New Zealand Rugby Board and provides a link between staff and the Board.

New Zealand Rugby has seven teams: Community and Provincial Union Rugby; All Blacks; Professional Rugby; Relationships and Planning; Finance and ICT; Public Affairs; and Commercial.

The Executive Team is made up of the General Managers for Professional Rugby, Public Affairs and Corporate Services, along with the CEO. The General Management team includes the General Manager for Community and Provincial Union Rugby, as well as the All Blacks Manager, and the General Counsel and Financial Controller.


Provincial Union and Community Rugby

This team provides support to New Zealand’s biggest team – the players, coaches, referees and volunteers in New Zealand’s clubs and schools. That support includes funding, coaching programmes like RugbySmart and educational resources. This team also supports the Provincial Unions and Maori Rugby and manages the Rugby Database, a collection of information about everyone involved in rugby in New Zealand. The Community Rugby Plan 2008-2011 outlines key strategies and specific initiatives in each of the priority areas and provides a framework for the team’s activities.

All Blacks

The All Blacks are the number one ranked team in world rugby. Behind the players and coaches is a world-class team, including a Media Manager, specialist coaches, an Equipment Manager and medical team.

Professional Rugby

Professional Rugby is one of the biggest teams in the NZRU and focuses on three core areas: High Performance, Rugby Operations and Professional Rugby Relationships. Within each of these teams are people who support and work with New Zealand’s High Performance Players, Coaches and Referees, as well as the National Teams. This team also includes Rugby Operations, who are responsible for the delivery of high-quality competitions and Test matches, and Sports Science.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs team encompasses management of NZR's communications, government relations, media management, publishing and online and social media activity. Public Affairs works with New Zealand Rugby's charity partner Cure Kids as well as the New Zealand Rugby Museum and maintains NZR's history and records.


The NZR Commercial team manages relationships with our partners and sponsors, ensures the effective delivery of Commercial Operations, markets and promotes our competitions, teams and Community Rugby and works closely with broadcasters in New Zealand and around the world. Key focuses for Commercial include business development, attracting new sponsors and growing sustainable revenue. Commercial also oversees licensing of All Blacks and Small Blacks products, memorabilia and player promotions.