Our Board

Our Board is charged with setting strategy, direction and policy for New Zealand Rugby, and is ultimately responsible for the decisions and actions of NZR Management and Staff. Many of the decisions concerning New Zealand’s national teams, domestic competitions, financial management and rugby traditions can only be made by a vote of the Board.

The Board is comprised of nine Board Members: six zone representatives, one Maori representative and two independent Board Members.

New Zealand’s 26 Provincial Unions are divided into three zones – North, Central and South – and two representatives from each zone are elected to the Board. These zone representatives are nominated by a Provincial Union within their zone, go through an interview process with a sub-committee of the Board, and are elected by a vote of all 26 Unions at the Annual General Meeting.

The Maori representative may be nominated by any Provincial Union and is elected by a vote of all the Unions at the Annual General Meeting. The Maori representative is automatically appointed as NZR Representative on and Chairman of the New Zealand Maori Rugby Board.

The two independent Board Members must be independent of any Provincial Union and are not nominated for the role. Instead, independent Board Members must apply for the position and are selected on the basis of their professional qualifications and experience by a committee of the NZRU Board.

As at June 2014, the Chairman of the Board is Brent Impey, who is an Independent Board Member.

The President, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer may attend Board meetings but are not Board Members and cannot vote on Board matters

 Officers and Board Members

Ian MacRae David Rhodes | Bruce Cameron | Graham Cooney | Andrew Golightly | Richard Hunt | Brent Impey | Peter Kean | Stewart MitchellWayne Peters | Mark Robinson

Ian MacRae – President

Ian MacRae played 45 games for the All Blacks between 1963 and 1970. His appearances include 17 Tests, three games as captain and several appearances on the 1970 tour of South Africa alongside President Bryan Williams. Ian played for West Coast and Bay of Plenty as well as Hawke’s Bay, for whom he had a long career. He continued to serve the game as a coach and administrator at for Hawke’s Bay and for Napier Old Boys Marist. He was elected Vice President in 2011.

David Rhodes – Vice President

David Rhodes has served the game over many decades as a player, coach and administrator. He has been a director of the Crusaders, Chairman of the Canterbury Rugby Football Union and member of the Hillary Commission.

Bruce Cameron - Northern Representative

Bruce Cameron is a long time kiwifruit grower, and Director of Zespri Group Ltd and Zespri International Ltd. He also has a background in pastoral and arable farming, and has previously owned and administered businesses in the aggregate and transport industries. Bruce was previously the Chairman of the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union and on the boards of the Blue and Gold Foundation, Chiefs Rugby Union and the Waipuna Foundation. He was appointed to the Board in 2012.

Graham Cooney - Southern Representative

Graham Cooney has been Chairman of Rugby Southland since 2008 and a director since 1998 and previously served as a director and deputy chairman of the Highlanders. He is also a founding director and Chairman of Blue Sky Meats Ltd and Chairman of the Southern Institute of Technology. He lives in Invercargill. Graham Cooney was appointed to the NZRU Board in April 2010.

Andrew Golightly – Northern Representative

Andrew Golightly is a former Northland Rugby Union Chairman (2008-2014) and board member since 2007. He has also served five years as a Director of the Blues (2008-13) and is an experienced lawyer and advisor, specialising in employment, disputes resolution and commercial matters. Andrew joined the Board in 2014.

Richard Hunt – Central Representative

Richard Hunt joined the NZRU Board in 2011. He was the Chairman of the Hawke’s Bay RFU from 2000 to 2010. He played 147 games for Hawke’s Bay from 1967 to 1983 and not long after retiring from playing, took over as Coach of the representative side. A successful businessman, Richard also maintains a strong involvement in community affairs through his various interests.

Brent Impey – Independent Director

Brent Impey was appointed to the NZRU Board in 2012. He has both played and coached rugby and was closely involved in many broadcast and sponsorship issues as Chief Executive of Mediaworks from 1999-2009.He was also involved in the 2011 NZRU review of Investec Super Rugby franchises. He holds a number of directorships, including Pumpkin Patch, Yellow Pages Group, Devon Funds Management Limited and Hutchwilco New Zealand Limited . He has been Chair and Executive Director of the Fred Hollows Foundation in New Zealand and is a director in both New Zealand and Australia. He operates his own consultancy business with clients including Ports of Auckland and Market Pulse International.

Peter Kean – Independent Director

Peter Kean is a long serving executive at Lion and is currently Managing Director of subsidiary Lion Dairy & Drinks responsible for $2.5 billion turnover across Australasia. Peter is a former managing director of Lion Nathan New Zealand (2003-11) and has held various other Lion roles over a 30 year career with the company. Peter joined the Board in 2014.

Stewart Mitchell – Southern Representative

Stewart Mitchell is a former Canterbury Rugby Football Union Chairman (2012-14) and board member of the Crusaders (2008 - 2014). Stewart is a qualified accountant and highly-experienced strategic and human resource consultant. He has over 20 years' experience in various governance roles and has considerable experience working with Councils and both private and public sector Boards, across a broad range of industries. Stewart played representative rugby in both England and NZ and was a member of the NZ Colts (U21 team 1972 -1973). Stewart joined the Board in 2014.

Wayne Peters – Maori Representative

Wayne Peters joined the NZRU Board in 2009. He was the Chairman of the Northland Union from 2006 to 2008, and served as a director of the Blues Franchise over the same period. Wayne played rugby for Otago, Northland, New Zealand Universities and the New Zealand Juniors. Principal of Wayne W Peters & Associates, Wayne also holds a number of directorships.

Mark Robinson - Central Representative

Mark Robinson has had a significant rugby career on and off the field and is the first professional rugby player to join the New Zealand Rugby Board. He played nine Tests for the All Blacks between 2000 and 2002 and was CEO of the Taranaki RFU from 2007-2012. He is currently the General Manager of Symons Group. Mark was appointed to the Board in April 2013.

As at 1 May 2014.